AMD’s upcoming flagship GPUs should be 3x faster than RX 6900XT

Honestly, I spent a ton on the 6800 XT on eBay, but I'm done with it. I'm not getting a new monitor, and the 6800 XT is more than enough at 1440p.

I've been getting into cloud gaming on Stadia. 1080p looks pretty good, I play on my 125" projector, so I can live with that even if my GPU died. And I play some indie 2D games as well, which can run on a laptop.

It's over. PC gaming is dead. Maybe there will be a return in a few years, I don't know if crypto will die, or new technology will come out. But if something drastic doesn't change it's basically over.
No, I think the MSRP is fair. That is the card I have and it's great. It's a little slower than a 2080 Ti (but close, except for ray tracing). So I think in the $600 dollar range is about reasonable.

And AIBs will add on top, so in normal times maybe you would see these cards for like $749 or whatever, which is still okay considering the performance. At getting close to $2K it's just crazy. It's not worth $2K.
You mean 3080 Ti?
No, I meant the 2080 Ti. That was my old card. But looking at the benchmarks now, you're right. The 6800 XT is a good deal faster.

I think I got tricked because I was using DLSS in the games I play (mostly Cyberpunk 2077) so the 2080 Ti with DLSS and RTX looks significantly better and performs better than the 6800 XT straight rasterized.

But I'm still happy with the 6800 XT and now even happier after seeing more recent benchmark videos.
How does 4 ton + 1 ton = 8 ton?

If you exhausted all of the hot air coming from your computer outside of your air conditioned area, your air conditioners would not have to work as hard.
Granted, that exhausted air has to be replaced, but if outside air is cooler than your pc air, its a win.
Yes the fan uses electricity, but it takes less energy to push a gas than it takes to compress it.

You can't fool mother nature!
My house came equipped with 4 tons downstairs, 3 tons upstairs. I replaced them both with new higher efficiency 4 ton units and then when we deigned to put all the computers into the weird 106 ft^2 room with 12' ceiling with 3 meter displayport and usb cables we put a 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner in that room. 1 ton = 12,000 British Thermal Units BTU. If you still don't understand, my 4 ton central AC units are 48,000 BTUs apiece. Instead all the hot air gets conditioned into cool air, and that portable does expel hot air outside when it's running. That's why there is a 2nd hose and it costs more than a single hose one. IDK where you live but for several months a year in AR the afternoon temperature outside is higher than it is inside my computers.

I don't want any of the conditioned air leaking though, when it's 70 degrees in my house WTF would I want to shed some of the less than 95-111f air? That is made of madness. The computer exhaust rarely exceeds 90f. We insulated that room's interior walls too for noise abatement but also it doesn't matter that the set point for that portable a/c is 82 degrees. That's still way cooler than the outside temperature from sometime in May or April clear through into October sometimes.

When that portable dies I'll pay someone to install a minisplit in there but until then that was an easy single after lunch on a Saturday project.
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Literally today bought a 7.5m active DisplayPort cable so I can move my PC far enough behind me to give the air con time to pull the heat away.

It’s a 120 year old full brick house with 10 foot ceilings so it’s not like I can go punching holes through walls all over, I’ve got wall mounted air con so it’s just harder to deal with, when I renovate I’ll get ducted air and a return put in the tech area to get it out but there’s nothing I can do now.

I’m in Australia these days so it’s 100 degrees consistently for months of the year and you have to plan for 120 for the hot summer every couple of years, it’s pretty brutal when you put 80% humidity on top. Especially given the power costs.

All of that belies the point that my PC uses more energy than anything in the house except the oven, if someone gets an energy efficient gpu that doesn’t suck balls I’ll get one.