AMD Ryzen 7 5800U Benchmarks Leak Out: Trades Blows w/ the Core i7-10700K


Fully [H]
Aug 3, 2004

AMD Ryzen 7 5800U Benchmarks Leak Out: Trades Blows w/ the Core i7-10700K


A few benchmarks of AMD’s upcoming mobile processor, the Ryzen 7 5800U have surfaced, demonstrating the single-threaded prowess of the Zen 3 core in mobile form. The tests include the Cinebench R20, R23, and the CPU-Z results (courtesy of Uniko’s Hardware):
In the CPU-Z benchmark, the Ryzen 7 5800U overtakes both the Core i9-9900K as well as the Core i7-10700K in the single-threaded tests but falls behind in the multi-threaded tests.
Cinebench R20 and R23 see similar performance from the Cezanne part. The 5800U scores 509 and 1311 points in the single-threaded benchmarks of R20 and R23, leveling with the Core i7-10700K in the latter and outright beating it in the former. Once again, the multi-threaded benchmarks are inferior to the desktop chips.
The weak multi-threaded performance is likely a result of a poor thermal solution or more stringent temp/power limits, something that is quite common in budget notebooks. This is a safety measure to keep the chips from overheating, something that is a more pressing concern with notebooks and handheld devices compared to desktop PCs.


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Jun 19, 2009
The newest AMD U CPUs are fairly amazing. Traditionally U branded CPUs came with a big performance impact but you needed those if you wanted a good battery life. Seems like AMD's recent U CPUs have really closed the performance gap while offering good battery life.