AMD RX 6950 XT vs Nvidia RTX 4080 - 58 Gaming Tests


Jan 18, 2016
RTX 4080 is hardly a worthy upgrade for 6900XT/6950XT/3080/3090 users. Too expensive for what improvement it brings.

There are some games which can go down to around 60fps at 4K on these cards and with something like 4080 they will run more like 70-80fps and this is visibly better... but we are still talking about playing at ~60fps which is not bad at all 🙃
Gonna wait for 7900XTX and especially when they come down in price and also for games to require beefier GPU.

Otherwise for anyone without high end previous gen card I would recommend getting previous gen high end card rather than current gen (which include 7900 series) card. Especially for 1440p and below monitors.


Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 14, 2010
There is a whole spectrum of PC gamers. Those who use high end hardware on 360hz monitors 1080p (with faster on the way). Where every fps can count for a win. AMD may be the best for this with less CPU overhead getting the better FPS and response times.

Where RT is still a detrimental evolution for these types of players. Until RT can give a competitive advantage, like using reflective surfaces to see more than just your viewpoint of the world -> RT off

Anyways I see the 4080 falling short for next generation twitch players where the win is the game and not pretty flowers.


Sep 10, 2020
Still holding very well! No OC, No SAM enabled.
Is there a reason to no have enabled (maybe it slow down both the same and change nothing... but), how do we know it was disabled ?, some of the numbers are telling or are you the person that made that video ?


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Jul 29, 2011
This isn't a 6950 vs 4080 test, its a "which games are CPU bound by a 13600k" test. And the answer is apparently a lot of them. If you're getting a budget CPU like a 13600k then the 6950XT at around $799 is definitely a much wiser choice than a 4080.