AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 Review Roundup

I really like the stock look of the card with the red lit radeon logo. I don't want to ugly it up by putting on a Arctic cooler
If I can easily do over 2000mhz with stock, I just don’t see any significant benefit going water at 2200 other than it could be fun if one is into that.

Usually my older cards will go into the HTPC, the 5700 XT Lisa Su will be a perfect fit.
No they won't. The 1080p gamer will be buying up all the used cards from the Navi/Super stampede.

27" 1080p monitors are for little kids, they don't own $350 GPUs.

is 27" 1080 monitors are for little kids that don't own $350 GPUs I must be an infant! ..... that somehow has this.