AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

Been running AMD/ATI cards for years.
Last one is 6950, currently 7850, but would like this one too! :p
Because they are some of the best bang for the buck cards available. Still rocking the 5850 till the wheels (fan) fall off!
I like the performance, steady driver updates, power and thermal specs, and aility to play the latest games.
they're fast enough to bring playable experiences on 3 monitors with just 1 card. so good!
I like how much performance that AMD has picked up with this latest set of drivers.... I really like my 7970 and I'd love another!
I really really want one of these. Have to keep up with my nephew who just got a 7870. Can you say one-upmanship for the old man :)
Considering I intend to buy 2 of these for my next upgrade, this works out regardless whether or not I win! Currently running 2 6870's and enjoying the partnership with Tridef very much.
I scraped up all my pennies for the 7970 that I have now, a pair of them would be AWESOME :)
My 4890 is becoming quite outdated by now, though it's running Hard Reset reasonably well at mostly high settings. A 7970 would sure be nice!
I love eyefinity and the fact that they keep striving to be better :). Hopefully I can win these so I can donate them to my bro and sis. THen we can all game together.