AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

The Xfire 6970s have been the best GPU setup I've ever had, so I can't help but crave to have the next greatest thing AMD has to offer! The best thing about 7970s is turning up BF3 to the max on my 30" monitor! :D
Just bought a 7870 but I'm still dreaming about a pair of 7970's! Best single processor GPU on the market!
I've always been an Nvidia guy, but I'd be more than willing to experience AMD Radeons if I can get them for free.
Awesome Contest! Simply put this is the best card on the market for the price and performance. The chance to play the games bundled with the card would be awesome this December while its cold and dreary outside!
Mostly driver improvements, they haven't really impressed me in other categories but AMD is catching up and doing better in other area to which i would be hesitant to buy AMD cards just because i didn't feel like dealing with it.
AMD's newest cards are incredibly fast and very well priced. You can't go wrong with any card from AMD.
What I like: the one I have.
What I'd really like: two more to go with the first one.
I love their new 7000 series GPU's speed and efficiency.

As an aside, catalyst control center is excellent.
Agh I need one of these so bad. This newer gpu has much better power efficiency and heat output! Need it for the heat more than anything!
What not to like? Smaller in size than previous generation, runs cooler, better efficiency and most important of all, cheaper than competition! :D
Sign me up! As for what I like about the newest 7000 series cards, they are great performers and come in at a decent price point. Also I've pretty much only used AMD processors and ATI cards for the last 15+ years in my builds for my self family and customers due to the performance, price, and reliability.
I just got a 7970 and the thing is an absolute monster :) The tri fans on it mean it's quiet and it crushes all the games I throw at it with no problem.

AMD GPU's have always brought innovation to the GPU market and strive for performance at a great price!
Great architecture and performaance for a fantastic price! Throw in the game bundle and its unbeatable! I would love to see more applications explicitly meant to take advantage of the power of GCN (more in the arena of video encoding, file compression, etc)! Thanks HardOCP and AMD!
I've been happy with my 5770 and impressed with the performance and price of the 7770 I installed for a friend.