AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

Why hello, I would indeed like to be entered in this, or as I usually say, 'In like Flynn!'

I've always loved AMD for some reason. I just don't trust Nvidia. lol
One of these 7970's is gobs of performance... but TWO? Wow... the awesome will eat kittens from next door!
Would love to have the awesome power of the 7970. Right now I have the 5870. AMD has been my favorite since the ATI days. Keep building them AMD. Kick Ass on Nvidia.
AMD has the best power/price gpu ratio and i like their 7970 because this was the gpu to choose if i didnt have a issue with money. i have instead a 7850 for the budget, and it works fine :)
There once was a boy named nHanS (enhance!),
And with graphics cards he held a romance,
He never could settle for anything less than the best,
If anyone ever spent more, raise your hands!

But earning a minimum wage, he digressed,
By spending so much, HanS began to feel stressed
No shelter. No food. Only hardware, unless
nHanS goes to school, commits hard, passes tests

And so he began on the years of conquests
To finally taste the sweet juice of success.
But life without hardware, it's like life without guests
It's boring, its dull, just like life without breasts

When hearing the wonders of 1440p
Our hero did jump on the opportunity.
Yet being so broke, he did come up short -
A Catleap is all that he could afford.

With hardware as old as a granny's kaboose
Gaming at 1440p required more juice!
So silly you might think t'was made up by Seuss
What would you do in these torn, worn-out shoes?

To win this card, for me, would mean to score,
Especially, since truly AMD I adore,
O, please, dear Gods. Red flows out of my pores!
These eyes hope to see highest graphics once more.

Winning this incredible card would mean that I can afford to buy my family better gifts.
You're all I want,
Sleek Sexy Red Lady
AMD has never done me wrong. My 5850 works like a champ, but my wife's old Geforce needs an upgrade desperately! 8800 GT
I haven't had a Radeon in years. The last Radeon I had was a 9800AIW Pro (which I think I still have around somewhere, lol). But, seeing as how I'm looking to build a new system sometime in the next year, a bundle like this would be an excellent start! I do know for the 9800 I had, for the time it was a great card, and it never gave me any issues. I can say I've been an AMD guy for a long time, and am still running one of their CPUs!
AMD definitely has a great price vs. performance ratio. I'd really like give Crossfire a try since I've never had the opportunity to use it as of yet.
Radeons still tip the scales when it comes to distributed computing. And of course they still hold an advantage in Source games, my favorite games typically.
Well I don't have the latest greatest, I'm still running a 5770 and it still chuggin along but newer games are testing it, luckily AMD's new cards are beyond being up to the task, that chuckle at games trying to max them out.
would love to have a graphics card that will play farcry 3, plus would go well with my 8150 black
I have always appreciated AMD's/ATI's price to performance ratio. Solid performance, at true value.
Really like AMD's video cards and their support. The last driver update bumping performance up like crazy shows that they stand committed to giving you the most out of their products.
I have been in love with AMD since my first rig back in 1998!!! I love the price vs performance and the huge number of screens you can run in eyefinity!!
This drawing is now closed. Winner will be notified via PM and email.