AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

Have a nVidia card right now, but I'd be willing to try AMD again as their Linux support seems vastly improved.
What I love is that they deliver amazing performance in all of the games I love to play. Never let down yet. thank you!!!!
Great price/performance, tend to run cooler then team green and what can I say I like the color red.
Whoa the absurd amount of pixels this would pump out is breathtaking! I may not be physically capable of withstanding this amount of cool all in one place..... ok nevermind I can take it!
Have loved Eyefinity for years now, and love their multi-monitor support and push of Displayport. These things can drive 1440p @ 120Hz! THAT is where the industry needs to be and I'm glad AMD is leading people there!
With the current gen, I'd have to say the performance per watt is outstanding and they have had the best HTPC GPU's the last couple generations which for me is the big seller.

I love the fact that I cannot recall a single time an ATI driver caused a mass death of a GPU whereas I can recall 3 times Nvidia drivers killed hundreds of GPU's.

People always want to complain about how ATI isn't on the ball as much about drivers but I'd rather they take longer between driver releases than be like Nvidia and release a driver that kills my card.
I could use this card, please let me win been home gaming all day every for month's now.
Got 3rd degree burns back in september and haven't been able to work.
With the divers out AMD is killing it and have fixed the cross/tri/quad fire problem with x58/x79.
So its time for AMD to shine.
I've been quite impressed with AMD; bang for the buck, nice and cool too. This would be perfect for my eyefinity setup too!
My video card is over 4 years old. It has lasted me all the time, but now I'm finding games that I cannot play at a reasonable framerate with the graphics cranked up. I don't like having to run at a lower resolution or with lowered details. Winning this would solve all of that! Game on!
The better flagship card bet. nVidia and AMD is the 7970ghz edition. Crank up the mhz and watch it annihilate the competition!
I like that my brother is looking to build his first gaming computer and an AMD Crossfire setup would perform far beyond what he could hope to achieve on his budget :D. This set up would absolutely destroy any game he would want to throw at it.
Great performance for great prices (especially with GHZ edition 7970s and 3gb RAM etc..), AMD is spending time improving the Linux drivers which I consider very important. I could really use an upgrade, and 7970 3gb ghz edition crossfire would have me set for quite some time!
This would so rock my Comp! Would blow away this weak ass GPU I have now from Nvidia. Damn Thing crashes all the time. So, this GPU would do nicely.

PICK ME!(jumping up and down)
Radeon Pro (The best tweaker out now, that AMD officially supports it), and fast performance that won't eat yoru wallet alive.
I love how AMD has been focused on pushing solid drivers out the door-they've minimized the amount of bugs and made some huge optimizations in titles that are actually popular.
great cards, been using ATI for over 10 years. Never xfire though, so this would be nice. amazing each new generation uses less power, at least at the tier i buy cards at.