AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw


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May 18, 1997
AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

Enter ONCE in this thread for HardOCP's AMD Radeon HD7970 GHz Edition CrossFire "Never Settle" Bundle lucky draw. Tell us what you like about AMD's latest and greatest GPUs! It is that simple.


The Lucky Draw winner will receive one Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition CrossFire bundle, three games, and a 20% discount for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This drawing will end Tuesday December 18th.
wow. Didn't think they would be draw for 7970 xfires too.

anyway, it's faster then my 5850 and far more efficient. So tempted to upgrade during boxing day too.
good price and the fact that AMD isn't forcing AIB's to limit overclocking on their cards.
Like all AMD cards because they're very enthusiast friendly.
BEST video cards on the market right now. I was very upset about having to sell my XFX 7970 earlier this year because of the great performance it has, especially overclocked. The awesome Never Settle drivers bring it to yet another level.
Holy wow, this is an amazing giveaway. I love that the 7970 is currently the fastest single card out there, and this giveaway is for two of them! I love the low temps and power it draws, and I love that it also comes with three excellent free games.
The reduced power draw vs. Nvidia products, and now with the recent driver release, the fact that they're beating most of their direct counterparts in new games, makes them highly compelling as an upgrade. It would be cool to go back to AMD, haven't been 'red' since the 9800 days.....
I like AMD GPUs because they're made by AMD! :D

Also because, while a partial fanboy (because I recognize where performance is depending on the generation), I've been using Radeon cards since their first domination thanks to the 9700 Pro. They've never let me down, always given me what I've wanted. I remember when I ordered the 9700 and was mis-sent a Ti-4600... Naturally I had to try it out and wow was that thing horrible :eek: Was so glad to get the 9700 Pro after my order was corrected. Since then I had an x1600 Pro, x1950 Pro and now (still) two 5770s in CrossFire. They've been handling all I've asked them to, even still :)

Of course, I want to upgrade and frankly this would be perfect for personal Christmas gift since I can't quite afford a 7970 :\ Fingers crossed!!!

[/try hard] lol
AMD has the single card performance crown, as well as offering a better value. This baby would be a wonderful card to drop in the PC and crank up the settings.
AMD's newest, latest, greatest GPUs make myold ATI GPU jealous due to their high quality output, yet low power draw and operating temps!
Holy cow, this is an amazing giveaway I'm looking forward to a chance of winning this.
Fast and Powerful and would make a amazing upgrade from what I all ready have.
They are very powerful cards, great performance, excellent power management when using multiple cards and new drivers (first card reduces speeds and other cards shut down), and they are very good at running WCG HCC units :)
Frankly because they are specifically targeting the price performance market segment. They cost less that GTX 670s and out perform GTX 680s on average now with the latest drivers.

I especially appreciate their new interest quick driver releases. It took time but they are trying to make it right.