AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

I've almost always used AMD/ATI and for 2560 gaming AMD is the clear price/performance leader.
Why I like AMD/ATI now days well that easy because of there performance and price you get from them unlike in the past which I'm a converted Intel/nVidia fan boy:D got love those AMD Phenom Series, so what more can ask for and would make a great upgrade for my ageing old ATI Radeon HD 5850:D
I like how I can easily switch from extended desktop to eyefinity with a simple shortcut. Doing that with nVidia is a chore.
I love that AMD is bundling AAA titles with the 78xx/79xx series. Way to bring a little competition to the market and give us gamers so much more for our dollar. :D
I've always liked AMD/ATi products .. and with their new run of video cards .. they are proving once again what a quality, high powered product they can make!
I like AMD's aggressive pricing! Great value for your hard earn dollars. Keep it up AMD.
The abundance of fast memory for my multi-monitor gaming. Something nvidia dropped the ball on this time.
Most of all I like the driver support!
And the performance of those GPUs, especially with 3x Eyefinity.
AMD still has the best multi-monitor support. I also appreciate the strong support for open GPU compute standards.
Best price performance point across the board. Cheaper vram/price as well. Plus my current 6970 appears to be artifacting today :(
I have always been a big AMD/ATI fan. Not only do they offer some great products, but they often give us gamers the best bang for the buck performance available. Unfortunately that "green" company gave me the best deal last round, but I'd love to have some Red back in my rig.
I haven't had anything AMD since my 939 dual core. I really liked it for about three years though. Their new graphics cards look good, I'd like to try one.
AMD gives more memory and has a wider memory bus than comparable nvidia cardsaround the same pride point and on the top end.
GP Compute or bitcoin mining when not gaming makes it the perfect versatile card. AMD's never idling for me.
Fast and stable. AMD are the only cards I use.
High end card; Check
Free games; Check
Replacing my low end 6670 with this beast.... only if I win
7870 is looking really good nowadays... 2 look even better!
I was an nVidia fanboy for a while... then ATI started creaming them in 'marks... and i've been a convert ever since.
2 Cards are better than one. Just like 2 girls are better than one.

I love gaaaAaaaaaMes Duh!
AMD's fast, quiet, cool running gpu's have been running in my rigs since well back in the ATI days. The value is always in AMD and I can't wait to see what they come up with next!