AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

Been rock'n AMD since the Viper days. As always price/performance is king on my limited budget.
Been wanting to try out 7870 Crossfire on my Eyefinity setup since they came out! Curious how they compare with my single 7970:)
AMD is always stepping up to provide an awesome alternative to nVidia. Choice always rules!
The price point is rock solid for the amount of GPU that comes in the box.
AMD's line up of GPU's offer excellent price to performance ratio especially the 7870, 7850, and 7950. The latest drivers have a large role to play in increasing the desirability of owning a current generation AMD GPU as opposed to a previous generation or even a competitor
I like how much performance that AMD has picked up with this latest set of drivers.
never settle bundle and drivers are the tits, AMD came thru FTW this gen, would love a 7870 for my brothers new rig. Rock on Radeon!
Still on a Radeon HD 3850 so the performance is the best thing about the newer cards for me. Wish they used less power though.
I haven't tried Radeon cards in a long time. I've heard a lot of good things about them, but have always stuck with Geforce cards as I'm familiar with them and the drives haven't let me down. I would love to win these and give them a try.
The graphics cards from this giveaway would go great with the Antec three hundred two and the Antec gamer series power supply.
have never had a amd video card fail on me in all the years i have owned them , great performance and value

I am so broke I can't pay attention, but this surely did! I would love to have that card !
I like the performance/price ratio and the continued push for multimonitor support via eyefinity.
yes please. amd always, all the time. I've never owned a intel proc (well I've never independently purchased one anyway) and only one nvidia gpu, a gf5200 way back in the day. ( yeah I know a 5200 lol)
I've always been an nVidia guy, but have also always admired the offerings from the red team. This generation I was so close to buying a 7970 for my rig, but a sale price for a GTX670 FTW was too good to pass up, especially considering the prices in May (much different picture now). ANYWAY, a lot of my friends swear by AMD/ATI and I am trying to help my cousin (xbox convert) build a rig for Christmas. It would be incredible to throw these bad boys in there.
In my experience, ATI/AMD GPU's are the best in quality and performance.
Been building with AMD for years. CPU's or GPU's always a great way to go.
i have been an AMD video card fan for some time now and never had bought anything that was released within a 1-2 year time frame of release date. As others have said.. It would be good to have free newer hardware and would save me the upgrade down the road.
I used to be an nvidia man, not really opposed to Radeons but just sticking to the known - that was until I bought a 460gtx and it systematically shit itself in any game because I used it with a P35 chipset system.
Bought a 5850, 100% gpu usage, smooth as butter.

Good ol AMD