AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

Count me in!

Price for performance is great! I've liked the ATi cards that I've purchased over the years, with the 9800 Pro being my first!
Happy Thanksgiving! Did I win?.......................I really need an upgrade from my HD5850.

AMD/ATI all the way...........
count me in -- this would make an excellent gift to my friend who's using the integrated on an A8. (so we can finally do some real gaming together)

Huge AMD fan -- my card chews through BF3 like nothing, and it's rock solid at bitcoin mining too :)
AMD has been my choice.. price/performance.. im also liking the added performance that these drivers have been bringing us as of late.
I like that AMD gives back to their customers/fans. Always a great product for the price point and they are from Texas. :)
My Radeon 5850 has been perfect forever now, could really use a decent video card for my son's PC.
Latest and greatest, eh? Well, I'm still running an AIW 8500, so I guess it's pretty great that they're having a giveaway.
I like the drivers, actually. I've been using AMD cards for a while now. Of course, I'd also like how these GPUs would push the included games. Thanks AMD and [H]!
I'm an AMD fanBoy....what else can I say? An upgrade from my trusty 5770 would be much appreciated however.
AMD has produced some really solid cards over the past few generations. I really hope they continue and expand their Linux driver improvements; I'll keep buying if they keep working. A 7870 CrossFireX will make a solid entertainment platform for many!
AMD is seriousy underrated company and deserve reconization for their latest card. Excellent support for multi display gaming draws me to AMD more and more, just wish i had the fund to get the beast.
Dropped a pair of GTX 480s for a pair of 6950's. Less Microstutter, way less heat, and way less power consumption. That's what i like about ATI, better pricing for a better product.
The first PC I built and paid for entirely myself had a 2MB Mach64 PCI video card in it; it was top of the line at the time. I've had quite a few of their cards since and would love some more!
Unfortunately needed to sell my 7950 due to financial issues, both me and my fiance are unemployed at the moment. An awesome card like this would help so much. Have all amd gpus in my pc and the kids pcs.
Idle power and high overclock-ability! Also, the bundle that they are including really is terrific and a good value.
I like AMD because they are the only competitor for the high performance gaming cards. They keep this part of the market in check.
I love AMD gpus because of several facts.
Open source drivers, drivers that improve the card with every update, and affordability.
I love AMD cards. Their overclocking prowess, affordability, and consistent quality are always winners in my book. Love their most recent drivers as well.
AMD has always had the best price/performace ratio. I have always used AMD video cards and will continue to in my future builds.