AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

Always liked AMD and eyefinity is great. Would love to run eyefinity with these cards
I like AMD GPU's because they are the cost/performance LEADER right now!

Amazing performance, outstanding value. :cool:
I love GCN! Can't wait for a folding@home core to come out that really utilizes it!
I'm loving the newest beta drivers, it's how these cards should have been from the beginning!
I am a huge AMD fan, when they aquired ATI I pretty much stopped looking at Nvidia. ATI/AMD has had a combination of performance / price / features that made them my clear choice (at least 4000 series and after)

I purchased two 7970's at launch and im happy to report that from bitcoin mining alone they have paid themselves off and then some. I am still bringing in $100 a month mining after electric. talk about ROI!
The thing I like about the latest and greatest GPUs from AMD? Being able to pick "High" on all the graphics settings for years to come!
Love the 7770 I have now, great price to performance and the fact I was worried about price will tell you why I would love 2 of them and don't already have.
The greatest value for price/performance that money can buy.

Coming from a 4850 and would love this upgrade :).
I've respected AMD's performance competition with nVidia ,
When NVidia comes out with something that outperforms AMD GPU somehow AMD comes around and releases a product that is cheaper, scalable, greener and way faster than nVidia has and holds the spot for a while.

I respect a company that bring us inovation without hurting the pocket much :)
I'm in! Especially because my trusty 4850x2 is long in the tooth.
I love the price value performance! I could really use an upgrade card, running a 5850!
I'm a fan because of how low power their latest generation of cards is. I still have the 5xxx series which are great performance wise but definitely use a lot more power.
Bang for your buck. Whenever I am suggesting an upgrade to a friend or family member, I am without exception quoting them AMD.
I love the the fact that you can recover costs with Bitcoin mining, that's a huge win in my books.
i hope you guys pick me this time! :)

i like it because i used to run with a HD 5770! and that thing was a little monster at 1280x1024
Great card for the price! Would be a nice addition to my son's first gaming rig I am building him for Xmas!
I like that AMD's GPUs run cooler and don't draw as much energy as the competition's parts.
AMD supports the community and shows their commitment everyday to maximum value and performance.
Good Luck to everyone!
Their cards always seems to last a lot longer than nVidia's.
What do I like best about the Radeon 7770. Well...for me its' the next word in it's name. "Crossfire" and what that word means to me. It means I can run my 3 montiors balls-out without worry that I'll end up watching a slide show instead of smooth gaming graphics.:p