AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

I like that a lot of AMD cards have all the video ports in one row, making it easy to turn them into single slot cards when water cooling. Also I love the great prices AMD has put on the cards to turn them into amazing price/performance competitors.
the new amd gpu's have awesome price/performance ratios, especially on the lower end
AMD has always had the greatest bang for the buck graphics cards!
Fast as a cheeta with his butt on fire! ohh umm well always like AMD video cards cause they are affordable and fast.
i like the fact that it's just a few generations newer than my trusty old X1800.

...just a few. ;)
Since my Nvidia died, and saw the the new AMD's, I was hooked! an upgrade would be perfect Christmas present!
I like that they are committed to producing some energy efficient cards and have been since before the HD 4770.
I was skeptical when AMD gobbled up ATI and wanted to get into the graphics game. But they have done extremely well in both the high end and budget offerings. Competition drives innovation.
I really like how AMD is creating such power efficient cards. Especially with these 7770's when they can go into super low power mode when the monitor is off. This makes it a great HTPC card, but also a great gaming card all in one!
Low power consumption and good performance are always good things and they are even better when included in the same package.

I have been using a Radeon 5770 for a while now and have no complaints at all about the card. I recently installed a Radeon 7770 for someone and they definitely could not be happier with the performance.

If finances allowed I was looking to pick up a Radeon 7770 for myself. The price and performance is exactly what I am looking for.
The right combination of price and great performance what more could you ask for
Dearest AMD,
I hope this letter finds you well, my sweet, for you are the only thing that keeps me going during these difficult times. Without you, the world just seems to be a slideshow of memories for me. I move slowly and the fog in my head makes it difficult to care what's going on. It's as though everything in the distance simply... disappears. When you're not in my world, I just feel that... Well, that things move at a crawl and nothing looks like it should... I should never have left you... My days, much like the world without you, simply blur together...

When you're with me, though! Oh! Everything flies past as though it was destined to be! The world seems... more crisp! More alive! It's as though I can see every little detail and all the beauty as the creator intended! I find myself trying to take in everything when you're here. I feel like I could soar over the world and see everything come to life! Even the statues at the museum seem to be more intricate than I'd ever imagined! Every step closer seemed to reveal another detail that I hadn't noticed before!

I'd been with you for so long... When you were first learning to drive, haha. Remember how many times you crashed that old beige car of mine when you were still trying to figure things out? We got where we needed to go, but sometimes it just took a little longer than it should. But you finally started to improve your skills and we started seeing things come to life as though the world switched in to HD!

Everything got better almost immediately! It was night and day! You never even put so much as a ding in my new black sports car! You got better and better every year or so, and it was amazing to see. You even showed me a few new tricks that I'd never seen before! You and that friend Tess of yours were the first to show me how the world could really look.

But, alas, I've made my mistake. And now... I can't live without you. I'm begging you. Come back to me. I need you. Please, help me to put this world back together the way I know it should be...
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