AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

The latest and greatest AMD GPU's are far faster then my current card. :p
Awesome bang for the buck, looks great, and doesn't take a ton of power to get you some good FPS. I've been avoiding Nvidia for 5 years now, due to tons of problems I had with the 8xxx and 9xxx series crap.
I love the value you get from AMD. Dollar for dollar, you get more with Radeon graphics. Look at the latest driver release, these cards are so powerful that they are still unlocking more out of them. I'd love one of those 7770's to upgrade my old nvidia gtx460.
HD 7770 in Crossfire here I come! The HD7770 is a great balance of performance per price ratio. Two's even better!
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Just a few things I like about AMD hardware: always have been overclocking friendly unlike the competition, always a good value. Would love to win myself a 7770, best card in its segment. :)
Great price/performance ratio and drivers are much more stable than nvidia. I always had problems running SLI but with Crossfire, it has always been set it and forget it because it just plain works.
We now have viable options with gaming video cards. Everything I read about this card has been positive.
The thing i list most about AMD brand cards, especially this generation is their ability to play all of the latest titles off the shelf, their drivers have gotten better recently and their ability to do things better than Nvidia (Only thing that comes to mind at the moment is Bitcoining).
This would be just perfect for a new build I am planning for over the holidays, as you can see, I am very much looking forward to an upgrade after 5 years with this trusty machine.
This card plus the latest driver update = blazing fast compared to my current setup. Sweet contest, Thanks!
Always been a fan of the Radeon cards, going all the way back to before they were Radeons with the All in wonder.
Love AMD, I'm a big fan of the radeon cards. currently sporting a 5770. time for an upgrade
My computer just blue-screened on me, time to rebuild.
Used to own Nvidias until now, but my next GPU will be an AMD.
I desperately need the lower amount of heat, and the lower electrical draw would help as well!