AMD Radeon Graphics: Freedom of Choice

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    Nvidia is on point at launch. and since NVidia is AMDs most direct competitor, that's a keen difference.

    As to what issues - I'm confused. I laid out a half dozen real world documented head scratcher issues, not just peripheral issues - but system instability issues, shared among early many early adopters - including users on the forum here and my close friends!!!!

    I updated to the AMD near weekly driver updates as soon as they dropped every time. As to AMD fixing things - Freesync was broken then it was fixed, then it was broken again, then it was fixed again....... About 5 times it went back and forth with the first dozen driver releases - you can see evidence of that in the forums as us early adopters groaned and rejoiced over and over.... Oh and it NEVER worked across all three monitors with Eyefinity during the 2-3 months I had Vega - the break/fix was just on the primary display alone. Eyefinity never worked either. The chrome browser lockup issues were the same - broken and fixed, and then broken again through driver updates. You're telling me AMD can't test against Chrome web browser for a release driver -- and what's more breaks compatibility again with a driver release a few weeks later after already addressing the issue once???? Second most popular webbrowser only to IE? Their own Wattman software was a lesson in frustration for tuning the Vega cards - losing settings as the wind changed direction. So yeah - your post is lame after I laid out the frustrations with a product that was being called a success.

    If Telsa Motors releases their new car with defects like the heater turns on when the A/C button is pressed, windows that roll down automatically in the rain, a dome light that turns on at midnight every night and drains the battery for the next day, the charger only works after you reconnect it six times, etc etc etc, but they fix 75% of those issues after six months with firmware/driver releases do you think the early adopters who supported them with pre-orders and enthusiasm will be chomping at the bit to line up for their next Telsa vehicle? No. They'll probably buy something else the next go round. That's what happened to me. I was an eager AMD supporter. Now I'll not be supporting AMD again in the immediate future no matter how good their next card is (apparently not something I have to worry about anyway). I felt burned. AMD rushed the product to market, without the drivers being ready, without the hardware being ready, without the launch supply they should have had. The driver support is what they needed more than the absolute speed/efficiency of their card. I wasn't mad that my Vega card was 10% slower than a 1080 at the same price and used 2x the power. I didn't care about that -- I bought the card knowing that. What I didn't want, didn't expect, and was absolutely turned off about was all the beta bugs in a production piece of hardware that I stood in line for on launch day to buy that single-handidly ruined my treasured gaming time for 3 months.

    Do I care that they've fixed these bugs by now? (if they even have?) No. I'm out. I'm not some long time AMD basher. Look at my posts in early 2017. I was arguing for AMD in many different threads - I enjoyed my late cycle purchased Fury X cards immensely.

    In the end --- THAT's what AMD needed to do right - SOLID DRIVER SUPPORT right out of the gate -- and they blew it with Vega. For me and 3 of my AMD supporting friends (and long time gamers) of all my circle of LAN gamer friends who bought launch Vegas — all of us sold them shortly after launch in disgust. What that means is 3 out of 4 these AMD fans/potential customers (of the very few of my LAN gamer friends who were willing to try AMD products) have said they won't be returning to AMD anytime soon because of their terrible Vega launch experience. (1 of these friends recently bought that Sapphire Nitro Vega 64 --- just this last week - so he's back to AMD and hoping to see that the drivers have improved --- but after last night's mishap with Carmageddon Max Damage he told me today, just since my previous post, that he's considering selling that new Sapphire Vega and his Freesync monitor and following suit with the others back to NVidia. That Sapphire Nitro Vega he's only had for 2 days and he's already talking about selling it -- the first day he sent me pictures and was all excited to put it in his system and finally replace his Fury crossfire cards that'd he'd gone back to after also selling off his launch Vegas early on. (He said if he paid nearly $800 for that Sapphire Nitro Limited Edition Vega 64 card, and they've had six months to iron out the drivers, then he expects it to work! - which sounds reasonable to me!)

    The customer shafting with poor drivers, and routine overpromising/under delivering hurts their brand WAY more than a 10% performance gap, or some GPP marketing program from Nvidia.
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    I got it Archaea You have a valid gripe. I *don't* buy brand new just released new gen cards for that exact reason from any vendor. This is one of the things I hope Lisa Su turns around. I'm glad she took Raja's head. It was his responsibility.
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    Yep its the heads responsibility to make sure the software engineers and the hardware engineers are on the same page from day one till launch.
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    Well a couple years ago when the GTX 1080 was released, according to quite a few here, consumers were going to think it was only for 1080P resolution.
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