AMD FD8150FRW8KGU FX 8150 8C AM3 16MB 3600MHZ 125W Tray $267.75 @ Provantage

Suit yourself. If you want to waste your money on a poor product, you're free to do so.
I already have a 2500K/Z68 build, and have had a couple dozen Denebs/Thubans. I just bought the 8120 as something to toy with, since there is so many things to test out on it.

If people stop falling for AMD touting it as an 8 core which it is not, and relise its a quad core with hardware HT, then its not that bad of a CPU, just overpriced and power hungry. If you have a board that can disable one "core" from each module and run it as a 4 core with no "HT" then it cuts down the power usage and heat, and could be ran 5Ghz daily. Doing that also helps the single threaded performance.
By my reckoning Bulldozer is ~ twice as expensive as it should be. Back in the day AMD used to compete with Intel's superior technology by offering a better value. Now Intel has them soundly beat in that regard as well.

Why did they even release this chip if it's so obviously inferior in performance to even the i5 Sandy Bridge?
Suit yourself. If you want to waste your money on a poor product, you're free to do so.

And so is spending $500+ on a computer case (as an example) that doesn't honestly/realistically deliver the $ worth. Could go on and on over this. Not everyone likes Intel or AMD or Nvidia, etc. Why should *you* care if it's their money? I understand your concern for a fellow [H]'er but people are gonna buy what they want to buy. If everyone in this universe made 100% "proper" buying decisions, [imo] less crApple products would be sold out there. But suit themselves for buying it LOL.
All the reviews reported a list price of $245 for the 8150. I don't see how anything above MSRP could be considered a deal.

You have to have a board with the black socket for it to work for bulldozer, and they are calling it AM3+ I believe... normal AM3 boards don't work with it.

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wouldn't this be a decent upgrade idea for anyone with AM3 board?

nah not really. a better upgrade would be to sell your cpu+mobo and buy a z68+2500k. that would be both cheaper and better performing.
Bulldozer is a Hollow Easter Egg.
Looks nice till you find out the fluff was all air.
I talked to one of the top AMD resellers in KC today and he is hearing word through his supplier that AMD will be announcing a price re-adjustment here very soon to give BD a much better value. I have to say, I am not surprised. He also said AMD is giving resellers huge huge incentives ( price breaks ) to order these CPUs. He is saying the interest is just not there. Not surprised.

If you are thinking about buying AMD for your kids computer or wife as most would not seriously consider AMD for anything serious as it is 1 ) Slower 2 ) More Expensive 3 ) Hotter 4 ) Higher Long Term Cost then I would wait til they re-adjust the price on these Automated Computer Designed Chips that are 20% larger in transistors 20% slower in performance vs Intel which is much faster, cheaper and hand-crafted CPU design.