AMD CPU's and aftermarket HSF


Sep 13, 2005
Good morning all.

I got a couple of AMD CPU's and HSF laying around and wanted to see if anyone is interested.


All gone!

Aftermarket HSF

All HSF are gone!

These prices are listed as shipped USPS Priority. If you buy any CPU+HSF combo I'll knock off $5 for any of the 2 used HSF or $10 off the Hyper 212+. Feel free to pm me to work something out, worst you'll get is a no.

Willing to trade for:
AMD 1090T / 1100T + cash on my end for my son's gaming pc

Heat: RumpRoast


AMD Phenom II X4 940BE $55 ---->$50 SOLD to playah ----> pending shipping from my end

AMD Phenom II X3 720BE $35 - SOLD to jhartono0002 ---> sent tracking info

AMD CPU Processor Athlon64 X2 5000 $25 + Used Xigmatek Dark Knight 1st gen (Includes AMD mounting brackets only) $15 SOLD to hazexban ----> sent tracking info

Used Tuniq Tower 1st gen (Includes AMD mounting brackets only) $15 - SOLD to sinclair-zx81 ----> sent tracking info

BNIB Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus $25 - Buyer paid and requested refund without any further explanation. Going to hold on to this for my 1090T instead
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Do you have any stock AMD heatsinks to go with the 940?
Looking for any trades? I am interested
I can look around to see if I have one. It might not be the one with the heatpipes. Not sure if the 940's came with a regular HSF or the one with the 4 heatpipes.

To the members that bought the stuff on this thread...the items shipped today. I'm currently on the road to work out of town. I will pm you all with your DC # once I arrive at my destination. Thanks