AMD clarifies a bit more FreeSync 2 HDR (DisplayHDR 600) certification


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 29, 2009
It seems that AMD has some kind of update on what exactly Freesync 2 HDR is exactly.

-- AMD -- When DisplayHDR 400 was defined, it was clear from the start that the FreeSync 2 requirements for color gamut, max brightness and contrast ratio set a higher bar than DisplayHDR 400. AMD is not lowering the bar for FreeSync 2 HDR to align with DisplayHDR 400. We’re clarifying that a display that meets the requirements for DisplayHDR 600, or higher, could meet the color gamut, max brightness and contrast ratio requirements of FreeSync 2 HDR. FreeSync 2 HDR also has additional requirements for gaming and usability in areas not covered by VESA’s DisplayHDR specifications.

The monitor from Samsung described in the Guru3d article was also used in
Freesync 2 and HDR was made available in FC5 with the 1.7 patch on July 16.

This must be an update of that.