AMD 3900X 350.00


Limp Gawd
Mar 16, 2013
I purchased a prebuilt with a 3090, so I no longer need the 3900x.
It is just over a year old. It will come with the box, but no fan, as I am
using it with a 3600x chip. I purchased it off amazon, so I have the
invoice for a return, if anything should happen under the warranty
period, then I can help with that process. It has been under water
since day one. It has ran stock it's whole life, execpt when it boost, but
that is just what it does. No temp issues what's so ever, and never a problem.
I can't take pictures of it, as it is still under water. I'm not going to break it down
with no sale. But, If you do choose to buy it, then I will be glad to take pictures
of it working, and pictures of the chip. I don't do paypal or any other type of
payment method. I will do a usps money order. If you do choose to buy. We
can cross ship the same day. I will also meet with in a hours drive from 31021,
if you happed to be that close to me.