Amazon's Grand Tour Most Pirated TV Show In History

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    Haven't seen episode 4 yet, but but episode 3 was great. That Italian countryside is absolutely gorgeous. Jame's convertible was definitely the way to go...or would have been. Of course, he had Hammond in the Challenger right behind him revving the engine every few minutes. ;)
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    Grand tour was only available in a handful of countries up until a few days ago!

    And it's the opposite of moot to my point that launching a service with so little content won't help their case.

    Licensing issues is hardly an excuse for the content produced by amazon themselves! What they couldn't obtain worldwide licenses from themselves? Or if they fucked up the production contracts, that's again on them. And I couldn't care less why is it not avaialable. All I see is that it's not avaialable.

    So again: Too little too late. It's completely irrelevant that they announced it 2 days before the show's launch I suspect after seeing the enermous backlash. And in 1 month this is what they could come up with.

    By the time GT launched they should've had Prime up and running with decent amount of localized content, and not start a month after with a skeleton library.

    You Americans always so fast to lecture the rest of the world on licensing when you always get the best content. We don't just miss one or two shows, we almost always miss out on a great many things, and not just with prime, but on most streaming services. Hell I can't play some of my favorite music on spotify. And I can't get any of the live sport events on motor trend. We always get the short end of the stick. And you blame us for not gobbling it up. No, we say fuck the short stick, we don't want the short stick anymore. We want the same or an equal stick. And citing one or two cases where something is available elsewhere but not in the US, doesn't make it right somehow.

    For streaming services to take off, and really be an alternative to piracy geolocking should be made a thing of the past.
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    Yes, and it was talked about for months if not longer about Amazon video expanding, it takes a LONG time to get that kind of details worked out and licenses for other shows. You state you only care that it shows not available, and if you want to remain ignorant about the facts that is your choice. However, there are lots of rules and licenses etc that have to be acquired from each country you plan on offering the services in, some countries will not allow it because they have their own services etc, or you need to pay fees to be allowed to, and that is with your own content. That does not even get into counties that restrict what can be shown/done/talked about, which can make allot of your own content not streamable in a given country.

    The Grand Tour is a big show for them, but Amazon does not revolve around that show, nor does the world, it takes time to get everything moving and in place, they will be adding shows and content as time goes on or more licenses are given etc etc. I really don't understand your misplaced hate or anger at Amazon for any of this. First you have misplaced anger because it is not available, even though Amazon had been working on expanding, and then when you are told they have expanded, you hate on them for not having everything you want...Seems like your mind is made up to hate them no matter what they do.

    Most of that content you are talking about is American content, so yes, we get it. The lack of access to other regions are them not playing nice with their licensing, agree with it or not, that is the simple fact of the matter, so yes, many areas (though not all) it is the fault of the country in question for them not being allowed access to the content. The US also has many more than "one or two cases where something is available elsewhere but not in the US", but because you are making allot of assumptions about how this works because of your own admission of not caring why, you will never understand this.