Amazon Workers Want To Be Paid For Waiting In Line


Aug 19, 2004
actually if you have to be some where at a certain time, you have to be paid from that point on in quite a few states. They only way to get around it is to have independent contractors and you can't set any of their hours. I just went through setting up my company and having to learn about all the ins and outs of contractors verse employes I can even begin to guess how it made it past the first jury. As long as they are requiring you to be some where that is the point they have to pay you. The road there they don't control so it is up to you how close or far away you work but once you are on their property you are either there or not. I can see why they want the billing system behind locked doors so no one screws with it.


Supreme [H]ardness
Oct 2, 2004
It'd be interesting to see prison guard's unions reaction to this.
Jul 14, 2005
Supreme Court ruled today that the employees are not entitled to pay for security screening.

WSJ link (subscription required)

Or google the headline and you can get the full story:
Supreme Court Stops Amazon Workers Suit

SCOTUS deferred to the Department of Labor's interpretation of "security screenings" following the Portal to Portal Act of 1947.

The Portal-to-Portal Act eliminates from working time certain travel and walking time and other similar “preliminary” and “postliminary” activities performed “prior” or “subsequent” to the “workday” that are not made compensable by contract, custom, or practice. It should be noted that “preliminary” activities do not include “principal” activities.

According to Title 29 Part 785.24(b).

"The term “principal activities” includes all activities which are an integral part of a principal activity."

Title 29 Part 785.24(c):

"However, activities such as checking in and out and waiting in line to do so would not ordinarily be regarded as integral parts of the principal activity or

The problem with this ruling is not SCOTUS it's Congress. SCOTUS did everything right and by the book here.