Amazon Trying To Ruin Valentine's Day

Being a small business owner myself, means taking some risks. If you keep working that way you will never start your business.

To think that your business will already do bad and you need to back it up with savings means you already failed before starting.

How many day to day small businesses survive? Lets be honest here, its not smart to start a small business on a day to day budget. I havent started a business yet just because of this. Im saving so that when I do open a business, Ill be able to support myself without having to worry if Ill have money to pay myself or employees at the end of the month.
No need to backpedal, you were absolutely on the money. The reason most small businesses fail is a lack of initial capital. If you're starting a business with 10k in the bank, unless you're incredibly lucky, you're planning for failure.

Additionally...if you're expecting your average collection rate to be <14 days, good farking luck staying in business. Even in 'the networked economy'...yeah right. Traditional finance teaches you to not pay until the point at which your start incurring fees (time value of money). Sometimes, it's even worth it to eat the fees to hang on to cash longer for the interest. Long story short, woman is in way over her head.

But you seem to be treating every business the same. This is a high volume but quick return business. Her only real problem would be stock volumes during other seasons. A business like this deals directly in cash and credit. She isn't a supplier for GM waiting 6-9 months to get paid for shipments.
Bottom line, if Amazon's algorithms determined that she could only fulfill 20 orders/day then their store should not accept more than 20.

It sounds like they're trying to protect consumers/themselves from new vendors who overextend themselves and then go bankrupt; but their mechanism is structured to bring about exactly that result.
I think the woman paid the money out of pocket and publicized her "story" so that she could get the suits at Amazon to notice her. Could be a smart move, could not be. Only the future will tell.
Amazon really seems to have gone to crap, at least when it comes to them trying to act like eBay with independent sellers. I've been getting screwed on the buyer end recently but I guess it's not much better from the seller's end.

For me, every time I try to buy something it ends up being the same story. They show the item I'm looking to buy as in-stock. I buy it, and at that point usually nothing happens for days and days. If I'm "lucky", they will send me an email saying the item is out of stock and the order has been cancelled. More typical is no response at all and me having to investigate.

It seems like there are tons of people who setup "stores" on amazon without having a single item of inventory. They put up hundreds of bogus listings and if any of them sell, only then to they attempt to acquire the item on their end and fill the order. If that doesn't work out for them, no big deal, they can always cancel the order on their end a week later with seemingly no negative repercussions :rolleyes:

As a buyer on amazon you don't even have the option of leaving negative feedback until weeks after the transaction took place - when most will have already moved on.