Amazon may Make a Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Service for Fire TVs

Discussion in 'HardForum Tech News' started by DooKey, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. DooKey

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    Apr 25, 2001
    Amazon may be making a free, ad-supported streaming service called Free Dive for Fire TVs. It may be similar to The Roku Channel and have licensed content from studios like Sony and Paramount. Also, this won't replace Prime Video and will simply be a supplement to that service. How well this goes over is anyone's guess because folks cut the cord to avoid commercials, but this service at least has the right price. It wouldn't surprise me if this happens and as a result Amazon starts selling a few more Fire TVs. I'll give it a shot just to see if the commercial content is bearable.

    As Amazon dives deeper into the entertainment space (and as competition from Roku, Apple, Walmart, and the like increases), the online giant wants to stake its claim in video advertising so it can bring in as much money as possible from all of its various services.
  2. katanaD

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    Nov 15, 2016
    what i would really LOVE to see is a complete AD free TV service. Would it cost a bit, sure, but time is also money, and i really hate spending time watching AD's
  3. BoiseTech

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    Mar 15, 2018
    I always thought cable companies were double dipping by making me pay for the service AND forcing me to watch commercials...
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  4. Disco_Stu_04

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    Aug 18, 2003
    Wow, if Amazon, an online store, only had a dedicated shipping subscription at a reasonable price.

    What a world that would be
  5. Spidey329

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    Dec 15, 2003
    They can do it with their own content, the hard part is integrating other content as the middle-man has bloated it, with each leg in the chain from content creation to viewer something is added (either a license fee or required ad spaces). It adds up quickly.

    Final-Mile (deliver content to consumers): Satellite/Cable operators have ad-space (for local commercials) on top of their subscriber revenue. Generally around 2 commercials.

    Networks have ad-space for the program and also sometimes charge a rate for rebroadcasting (e.g. the $X per subscriber fee to the final-mile).

    Content creators are either funded by the network or shop the show to networks. Their ad-space is the built-in products or ads worked directly into the content.
  6. ScottSummers79

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    Jun 6, 2017
    I cut the cord to save money. Also to avoid advertisements, yes, but primarily to save money. I can handle a 'free' service with advertisements far more easily than I can handle a pay service with advertisements.

    Not to say I can handle a free service with advertisements now that I've gotten used to not having them...
  7. Viper16

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    May 3, 2005
    Why cant we do it like they do it some other countries...all the ads are played at the beginning or ending of the show/movie. or maybe split it in between the show. Some channels have gotten so bad that you end up watching more commercials than the show. Not to mention chopped movies that cut out scenes to squeeze more shit commercials. Disgusting.
  8. colt357

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    Aug 25, 2015
    Likely they'll cut out some of the movie content from Prime Video and place it in the Free Drive domain to boost FireTV sales a la Prime Music to Amazon Music Unlimited. It's all about more money.