Amazon Developing The Lord of the Rings Multi Season Television Show

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Feb 17, 2008
Yeah I honestly thought it would be really cool if that lore got expanded. The south and the east a very unknown place aside from the fact they war with Gondor and side with Sauron.

Combined with the myth the blue wizards went east, could have been cool to explore.
Amazon doesn't even have license to use the Unfinished Tales nor the The Silmarillion.

Colonel Sanders

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Sep 26, 2001
Again ... mental retardation.
let's have a little thought experiment.

let's say racism is a thing that exists in the world. (depending on your political bent, you might have been conditioned to believe even that statement is false, in which case the thought experiment is dead already.)

now hypothetically, let's say a racist thing happens and someone wants to call it out. do they call it racism? obviously they do.

now if you accept the premise of this thought experiment so far, you MUST agree that some racist things exist and therefore will sometimes be discussed, pointed out, or called out.

the question then becomes, WHAT is racist and what isn't - because if you can't agree to THAT point but agree to the first, you are intrinsically stating that racism is fine. stating that "anyone who says something is racist is just namecalling" is denying that anything racist exists... which is racist.

which brings us back to the point of the lotr show discussion and whether freaking the fuck out over having a black elf or nb wizard or whatever the fuck in the show is racist or not. all i'm even asking for is consistency. if someone loved the trilogy of lotr films, why are they ok with the various and sundry tweaks made to the lore while not being ok with these changes? i've seen some argue that the changes made for the films were done for film adaptation reasons (feature length time limitations, things that might be confusing, and so on.) ok, fine. that's a reason that makes sense. now if this new show's production runners decided they wanted to open up to more diverse casting so it can have actors other than white people in it, that's ALSO a reason that makes sense. if you argue the first reason is fine but the second reason isn't, it's implied that adding black people for the sake of adding black people is inherently wrong.

and just to make myself perfectly fucking clear, i think the little tease of the show looks very 'meh.' i'm not "defending the show" or "defending bezos" or any bullshit like that. it, so far as what's been shown, looks like a teeny bopper show drenched in a Hobbit-like cgi bath. but i'm openly stating my reasons for not being pleased with the peek at it so far, not couching it behind incongruous reasoning.
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