Amazon Alexa May Be A Witness To Murder


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Aug 20, 2006
Authorities have forced Amazon to release data from an Echo device that may provide more insight and potential evidence regarding a murder in Arkansas. While the company complied, it isn’t known yet whether anything relevant was obtained, with the case not having gone to trial yet. But what is more interesting is how this could provide new information on how Amazon’s devices truly intercept and store audio.

Bentonville Police investigators determined that Collins had died after a fight, while being strangled and held underwater—and that Bates was the only person at the scene at the time. Now investigators have reportedly served a search warrant to Amazon in hopes of getting testimony from a possible witness: the Amazon Echo that was streaming music near the hot tub when they arrived at the scene. The police were immediately suspicious when they found that the water of the hot tub was tinted red and that Collins had injuries suggesting a struggle—including cuts on an eyelid, a bloodied nose, and swollen lips. There were signs of blood on the sides of the hot tub and on the patio around it and evidence that the tub and the patio had been hosed down to remove the blood.
Megalith also repeated the same basic story Steve posted on Thursday..

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To be fair, Steve repeats weekend stories every so often, which I usually comment to Steve by saying something about having a "[H] Déjà Vu moment" and then posting this animated gif..


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