AM2 with SLI or Crossfire?


Jul 14, 2004
When I heard about the pricecuts I immediately planned to get an AM2 with dual Nvidia cards. But now that AMD bought ATI, I wonder if I should get a crossfire setup instead.

To be honest, I hate my ATI card because of the slow-ass .net drivers. I feel like Nvidia's drivers are 100x better than ATI's.

This is going to be a pretty expensive upgrade for me so I don't want to buy a great AMD/SLI combo only to hear a press release in in a few months saying AMD/Crossfire people are going to get a huge boost in performance from some driver/firmware upgrade.

What do you guys think? Am I being paranoid for no reason? Are most of you going Crossfire or SLI?
Dec 22, 2004
Go for SLI, ati mobo's are yet to be seen for am2 and amd purchasing ati is pretty much just that atm.

Edit and you like the drivers better so go with them.