Am I the only one that doesn't like the new UI?


Jan 7, 2002
I'm probably one of the biggest fans of XP but with an SSD and 12GB of memory it's time to move to an OS that can meet my needs...


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Nov 5, 2005
They should just stick with XP, if they love it so much.

Thing is I think most people who think XP is STILL the cats meow realize that Windows 7 REALLY is the end of the XP and just are coming up with bizarre stuff to hang on.

XP WAS was cool. It'll be around for some time to come without question. But its day is simply over.


Limp Gawd
Mar 20, 2007
I just switched 2 systems over to Windows 7 and as much as I hate to admit it, the more I use it the more I like it. Everything is still there, just not in the same place. Have been on XP since it first came out, skipped Vista.


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Aug 7, 2004
I'm probably one of the biggest fans of XP but with an SSD and 12GB of memory it's time to move to an OS that can meet my needs...

Well said. I loved XP. LOVED it, especially for its speed and unsurpassed game compatibility. I didn't care about the flashiness of Vista, and probably wouldn't have started using it had I continued to run 4GB of RAM.

7 fixed a lot of little annoyances I had with Vista and made the transition from XP a lot easier. Once I started using the RC, I was hooked and a believer.

Running modern hardware, I still miss XP at times for the nostalgia factor as it served me so well for so long. But as you correctly pointed out, XP just can't fully take advantage of many components of a high-end rig. You're going to hit a performance plateau with XP where Vista and 7 will continue to scale and incorporate new technologies. Sure you can stick an SSD in an XP box and it'll run like a scalded dog, but you're going to be limited to <4GB of RAM, DirectX 9, no native TRIM support, and in all likelihood won't get the most out of SATA III and USB 3.0 if they are supported in XP at all. Not to mention it will eventually be difficult to find XP drivers for newer hw, as has been the case with every previous Microsoft OS. So while I still like XP, and I see why a lot of people continue to run it, the fact is you will be forced to move on eventually. Not too many people here running Win98SE or Windows 2000 Pro anymore, even though those were great OSes for their time.

7 improves on XP's stability and application/game compatibility has proven to be excellent. I still run XP in a VM, and could always dual boot if I felt I absolutely needed to keep it around for whatever reason. But since installing 7 I haven't run into anything that necessitates having a full-blown XP install on my machine. Sure, some things might take an extra click here or there but there are usually ways around that and IME the 7 UI is much better than Vista's.


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Jun 21, 2003
I don't know if this program has been mentioned yet, but I really think Microsoft missed the boat on not including this behavior by default.

It's called 7stacks, and it allows you to basically pin arbitrary folders of stuff to the task bar... So, instead of tons of apps taking up all of your space, you can put them in categories...for example, I have a photos "stack" which includes BreezeBrowser, Lightroom, and PhotoShop.

No relationship to the program, other than a happy user.


Jul 13, 2007
I was using 7 stacks on my Vista install. I'm betting MS didn't want to do anything like that, though, because all these stack programs are based on Apple's dock stacks in OSX.


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Oct 18, 2001
Being able to sort tasks on the taskbar would indeed be very useful. I already appreciate the stacking of instances of the same application windows starting in XP, but being able to sort or otherwise delegate tasks in a more expansive manner would be most interesting. I installed the MinimizeToTray add-on for Thunderbird for this reason, for example, as I have my email client running 24/7 and only need it a few times a day. The rest of the time it would just clutter up the task bar.

Things like that improve productivity and would make for a very convincing argument to upgrade :)