Alternatives to an ASUS Q538EI?


Sep 27, 2004
Are there any similar products to the ASUS Q538EI for the former price of $1200?

My daughter has a 4-year-old Lenovo Flex 5 that is pretty beaten up and needs to be replaced. She's a mobile digital artist, so several things are important to her. Her current Lenovo has a 4K IPS touchscreen, which she loves and wants in her next machine (or perhaps a 4K OLED touchscreen?). It also has an 8th-gen CPU (8550, I think), 256GB NVMe (+1TB spinner, which she doesn't use) and 16GB RAM. We thought that we had found her a perfect machine in an ASUS q538ei, but our local Bestbuy had sold their last 2 between the time we called them that morning and showing up after work to pick one up. Since then, Bestbuy has increased the price by $250. My daughter wants a 4K 15"+ IPS or OLED screen, a decent CPU, 16GB RAM, and 256GB-512GB NVMe SSD.