Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

I've always done water with standard flex-tubing due to the complexity of trying to do a hard tube setup. I have poor impulse control when it comes to tech, so despite buying some hard tube in the past I just said screw it and went the other way when I needed another tool and didn't want to wait for shipping.
I've seen a review of this kit, and it looks to take a lot of the pain involved in making attractive bends away.
This would be just in time for me to start my upgrade build.... From a Dell Precision 490 workstation (dual E5335 & 24 GB ram) with a GTX 66Ti... To probably mid-tier TR depending on what deals can be had and a 2080Ti. Just got a new job that actually pays enough to re-join the hobby :)
Since we are talking about cooling what about these...
I have never done this kinda water cooling...only AIO....however since I am in Ireland, I doubt this applies to me. But if I win, I will donate it to someone on the Forum...maybe
What a badass kit. I have been wanting to to hard line in my new build and this could be the ticket to finally jumping the shark.
I am a hard tubing fan and have designed and 3D printed custom jigs to get bends that I want in hard tubing. This kit would put all my hard tubing tools in one place. About time I redo my water cooled rig. I already use Alphacool rads, so this would just complete the setup.
Beautiful and comprehensive set - I've always wanted to take the next step to a custom loop but never knew where to begin. This would be perfect.
This is a cool idea and might help those (like me) that have avoided hard tubing because of the thought that I'd screw up bending it by hand, but I'm not sure how large the audience for something like this really is. (I still want it, though.)
I have been considering moving into full liquid cooling. I have run up to 4 closed loop AIO coolers in 1 machine in the past. Today I would watercool 5 machines with this as the beginning of that process. It looks quite good for quality purposes.
I need this to get my tubes bent. :). . . seriously though, I've been using their rads, etc. Planning on moving from an eisbaer config to a more flexibale open loop system and this would be VERY cool to have.
I've tried my hand at a few hard tube bends with some cheap stuff - and it didnt work out very well.

I'd love to have this top quality kit to work on future hard tube builds. This looks awesome.