Alphabet to Deploy Balloon Internet in Kenya With Telkom in 2019


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Alphabet's Project Loon was a big success in Puerto Rico after they were hit by a hurricane last year and the folks in Kenya took note of this success. As a matter of fact they liked it so much that they are going to bring this balloon borne internet system to help achieve full internet coverage for their population. These balloons float at 60,000 feet and provide 4G wireless coverage. Further, I expect we'll see more of these third world countries jump on this type of service since the infrastructure required is pretty slim. Keep up the good work you Loons!

“We will work very hard with Loon, to deliver the first commercial mobile service, as quickly as possible, using Loon’s balloon-powered Internet in Africa,” said Aldo Mareuse, the chief executive of Telkom.
I suspect that it is less likely to be destroyed than towers on the ground. Infrastructure is expensive because the natives tear it up. The service is intended for use by missionaries anyways.
i wonder what the sky will look like when the sun has set, barely, but the balloons are still lit up. could be neat to see.
As if dealing with Nigerian princes wasn’t enough, now we’ll have to contend with Kenyan princes too.