Almost 800,000 US Drone Owners Have Registered to Fly in 15 Months

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    New data shows that the United States will soon see close to a million registered drones. Eligible fliers are actually mounting at an incredible rate, as 100,000 drones have been added to the FAA system in as little as three months. In what is supposed to be a shocking comparison, the article points out that the registration system for manned aircraft has been in effect for nearly 100 years but has only claimed 320,000 vehicles.

    The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration says that more than 770,000 drone owners have registered to fly in U.S. airspace. That’s up from the 670,000 figure FAA chief Michael Huerta shared during his talk at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the start of 2017. It also means that 100,000 drone owners have newly registered with the agency in less than three months. The FAA first opened its drone registration system just over 15 months ago, in December 2015. Only weeks after the registration system started operating, the FAA announced that more than 181,000 drone owners had registered in its database.