Aligning Fonts to a Grid


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Aug 20, 2006
What is the best way to do this?

I'm trying to create a logo in Illustrator and am having real difficulty having the first and last letters sit in perfect alignment to a pixel grid. Illustrator's guides seem all screwed up and only snap to the pixel level based on the rulers, but it seems that I need accuracy down to the point level.
To fit things to a pixel grid, make sure everything is whole pixel sized:

set these two to the nearest whole numbers (helps if they're even numbers too). This makes alignments/arrangements much easier and keeps everything simple. This appears for pretty much any object, usually on the bar at the top or for text in the "transform" section at the end of the bar.

Then set the reference point to the top left, and set it's placement to whole pixels.

this means it will nicely arrange to the specific pixels.

Then chose the black arrow on the left and select whatever and you can nudge things a single pixel with the arrow keys. Once you are done, select everything and group it, then center to the page.

If you want to center something on another thing select the center reference and set it the same as the other objects center reference point, or drag it over until the vertical guide line appears.

Or I might have got the wrong idea about what you want. :D
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Thanks. This was helpful, especially the part about the reference point selector.