Alexa Has Lost Her Voice as Owners Report Outages


May 13, 2013
Several reports have come in today of Alexa either having delayed responses, or complete unresponsiveness. Fitz Tepper from TechCrunch is saying that his alexa is giving him replies like “I’m not sure what went wrong”, “sorry, something went wrong”, or a loud chime followed by “sorry, your echo dot lost its connection”. The website DOwn Detector is also showing a large spike in people reporting problems.

While there are a ton of comments I could make about this, I think the quote from Fitz Tepper says it all.

I couldn’t turn on my lights this morning with Alexa, but I was eventually able to manually toggle them on and off by using the Alexa iPhone app (because there was no was I was actually walking over to them and bending down to the floor switch).
This is why I avoid any machine that depends on access to a remote server for its operation.
All too many of the damn things do these days, like the old Nest thermostats that turned into bricks when the servers were retired.
Not because they have to use a remote server, no, most of them "need" a remote server so they can collect data on you.
That explains why they were so late plowing the road today...couldn't say "Alexa start the truck." We won't need killer robots, all they will have to do is go on strike.
Jesus Christ people just use a fucking light switch like a normal damn person with electricity. This isn’t like the lightbulb replacing candles and gas lamps.
Just wait till Cardi-b as Alexa starts talking like a rapper. So the superbowl premonition commin true.

So where's the Carls jr premonition?
lol, you need a net connection to turn off a light. Pathetic. They know when to best rob you based upon your light on / off activity.