AirPods Pro worth it even if you don't have a iPhone?


Feb 18, 2016
Right now I have a set of wired earphones but worried wireless will be lesser sound quality by a good amount.


To expand slightly, if you’re not using an iPhone over half the features won’t be available on the AirPods Pro. They’re “just” headphones at that point. And there are plenty in the same price range that will sound approximately as good and have features that work on your phone.

The most obvious are Pixel Buds. But there is also the new Nothing Ear 2. And Sony has a set of noise canceling ones as well that are highly rated. Any of those will be a better option.
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Wireless audio is always sacrificing something. Sometimes it's worth it, but that's up to you.

You will experience some latency, and some compression. If you use the mic, you will notice that bidirectional audio triggers a different codec with less latency and also less quality. You may experience trouble with pairing. You earphones may run out of battery when you want to use them, and may one day decide not to charge ever again. Wireless earphones may be easier to lose.

But, you shouldn't get any ground loop / mains hum. And you won't have to deal with a cable from your device to your ears. You shouldn't get noise from the wire being jostled.
Although Airpods are nice and well made, they are made by apple for apple users after all...

And as already pointed out, you will lose some features if you use them with android phones, but they will still work.

But there are many, many brands of wireless cans that work with just about any device, phone or otherwise, and are as good if not better than the Airpods in the same price ranges...

Anker, Beats, Sammy, Sennheiser, Sony, just to name a few...

And yes, wireless cans have a few minor drawbacks, but IMHO, they are overshadowed by not having to deal with cords/cables ect, which I absolutely hate and will not use if I have wireless options available...(all my periphs are wireless btw)