Airbus Introduces CIMON, An AI Companion For The ISS


May 13, 2013
Airbus has announced that they are developing the CIMON astronaut assistance system for the DLR Space Administration. CIMON, short for Crew Interactive MObile CompanioN, will be a medicine ball sized flying companion, complete with a face and voice that uses IBM's Watson AI to help astronauts carry out everyday tasks, and using AI, can actually give suggestions to solving problems. CIMON is being developed for the DLR Space Administration, and will be tested on the ISS between June and October 2018.

Very exciting technology, even if it's incredibly creepy at the same time. What do I know though, HAL 9000 worked out great.

Amongst other things, the Watson AI was trained using voice samples and photos of Alexander Gerst, and procedures and plans of the Columbus module of the International Space Station were loaded into the database. Alexander Gerst also had a say in the selection of CIMON’s screen face and computer voice so that he, too, could ‘make friends’ with his electronic colleague.
GERTY is bummed CIMON won
Ya AC Clark established HAL went nuts only because the ebil humans forced him to lie like a.... a.... well human.

Though he denies it quite the coincidence HAL is only 1 letter off from IBM
Wait a minute, how is CIMON supposed to be pronounced?? It's either going to come out as "c'mon" or ... or as something else.

P.S. This is what I imagine life on the ISS will be -

CIMON: "Play the red five on your black six, Dave."

Dave: "Will you FUCK OFF?"

CIMON: "I can't do that, Dave."

Dave: "I know, I know, you can't do anything! Go help Vladimir."

CIMON: "As of August I have been forbidden from helping Vladimir when he's repairing an ammonia exchanger."

Dave: "Ok, fair point, go inspect a hatch, or count webbing stitches, or something. Go watch television."
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Cimon says... Die Humans.

I like this. A robot that can't do anything, except lurk around behind me and give me advice.

This would make me feel at home.

Like doing tech support on your 65 year old mother's P3 desktop.
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I think astronauts will get tired of that thing pretty fast. After that it will "malfunction" in some mysterious way.