Air cooling vs Antec Kuhler 620

Oct 7, 2011
Hi everyone. I was reading Hardocp's reviews of the Corsair A70 (and other air coolers) and Antec Kuhler 620 to see which cooler to buy. Is it just me, or are the temps so similar that coolers like Corsair's A70, Thermalright HR-02 Macho, and other air coolers are obviously the winner? Especially with the A70 being on sale so much recently for ~$15-$30. I was going to buy the Antec Kuhler 620 but after comparing the temps from the reviews, I'm second guessing myself.
Typically yes they are.
For real WC and lower temps, you really need to build your own loop and setup.

The only thing they can be (with additional quiter fans) is sometimes less noise than the air coolers. Performance wise a good air cooler typically does better or equivalent to most of the pre-packaged water coolers.
The only benefit they really have is noise levels depending on the fan, and the fact that you don't have a couple lbs of weight on the CPU socket suspended while your case is standing up. This also lets you use ram with those ridiculously large heat spreaders without worry of hitting your heatsink fins.
Tower coolers really have gotten better and cheaper. Even a Hyper 212 does a fantastic job at ~$25. The reason that I went with a full loop was because I also wanted to add my GPU to the cooling mix.
Yeah, addition of GPU's and overall system noise were the reasons I went with a full loop as well.
Do think the closed loop systems would do better than the air cooler in a hotter ambient room?

I have a xigmatek currently but since my office is usually 10*+ hotter than the rest of the house I'm curious to see how each would fair.
To those who responded and have a full loop system, how much did you pay for it? I'm assuming you used XSPC to custom build?
Another thing to consider over the noise is the direct output of warm air outside of the case with the AIO coolers. It helps reduce overall case temps. I use the 620, with a push/pull config in my raven, and its completely silent in my application and setting. The temps are stable and I only paid 47 for the 620.