AIM virus

Jan 30, 2003
Alright, so my sister used my computer the other day and decided to click on a link in someone's profile that loaded an instant messenger virus onto my computer which changes my away message every time to

LOOK .../ar3/sunz/bestfriends.scr !?!?!
OH FUCK .../ar3/sunz/bestfriends.scr !?!?!
Don't go to links, you will get it too

I've tried several methods of removing this, didn't see any info about it on google, ran adaware and spybot, and I'm running a Norton scan now, but nothing is coming up yet. My computer now closes the task manager as soon as I open it, and I cannot run regedit to see if startup settings have been changed (again...closes as soon as I open it).

Does anyone know how I should remove this? :confused:


odoe edit - I edited the links a little more, just to be safe, because someone is bound to copy/paste, I just know it. If anyone is curious, it was an angelfire domain. I also made the text bigger, so it's clear these are not links to play with.