AGESA 1.0.06 and RAM Timing and Clocks Addressed by AMD


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May 18, 1997
AMD landed its new AGESA code v. back in May and since then we have seen many new UEFI released for motherboards to take advantage of this. As we have said since Ryzen's launch, we highly suggest you purchase RAM that is qualified on the specific AM4 motherboard you are purchasing, in order to hopefully get around any RAM incompatibilities. Many new features are contained in this new AGESA and AMD has put together a blog post that outlines some of these new features that might be exposed in your new UEFI.

Conclusion #1: Dual rank DIMMs (yellow) offered the best performance amongst “set and forget” (light blue, orange, yellow) memory configured automatically by XMP profiles.
Conclusion #1a: But the increased overclocking headroom of single rank modules was more than enough to overpower the benefits of rank interleaving, so manually-tuned single rank DDR4-3200 and 3466 won the day (dark blue and green).
Conclusion #2: BankGroupSwap should likely be disabled for users that want the best PC gaming performance. As always, test your specific use case.
Conclusion #3: Chasing the highest possible clockspeed required timings so relaxed that real world performance suffered versus lower frequencies with tighter timings. This is a fine balance, however, so testing on your platform is always helpful.
Conclusion #4: Geardown Mode should likely be disabled if your overclock is stable with a 1T command rate. As always, test your specific use case.

All that said, if you are building a new AM4 system, you might consider purchasing RAM specifically built for Ryzen systems like the Corsair Vengeance kits (CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16)

VENGEANCE LPX is optimized and compatibility tested for the latest AMD Ryzen Series motherboards
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Those are some decent upticks in FPS. Could make it worthwhile to chase those gains.
This appears to be the same memory kit as linked in OP, but this one is $40 cheaper on Amazon, still with Prime.
NO, that is NOT the same kit. I linked the exact kit I did after discussions with Corsair about AM4 compatibility. Should you wish to try something else, sure it MIGHT work. But please do not give people the impression that a kit with a different part number is the same kit linked.
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