Adware problem


Dec 4, 2001
Ok, I got attacked with some pretty vicious adware today. Took me 4 boots to get rid of most of it.

My problem now, is that it goes to some damned site everytime i try to get to a seach engine. Google, Yahoo, ect... don't work. If i try to use my tool bar to get there, it says it can't find it, however if i just try to go to the main page, it punts me to ... this is really starting to annoy me. I've tried different browsers, same garbage.

I want to fix this, but i don't generally know how. I've already used both spybot and adaware to wipe away the obvious adware crap... i've uninstalled that which was suspicious, i've gone through the registry looking for suspicious stuff but nothing came up. I dunno what to do.

Anyone got ideas?
1.) Use Mozilla Firefox
2.) Search your registry for that URL. It "should" be in there and you can replace it with what you want. If you find it and change it in your registry and then it comes back again, refer to #1.

My .02

CDWshredder is a good place to start also check your Hosts file.


Use notepad to open hosts if there is any entries that apply to google or yahoo delete them. Save the file and restart ie.
Ok, adaware 6 already did the host files thing, mozilla firefox does the same damned thing with google/yahoo... lycos works, but i don't want a halfassed solution.

Part of the adware package was "lycos sidesearch" which i promptly removed.

I am trying shredder to see if its worth it.
Glad to help :). Cool WWW Search is a REALLY nasty bit of spyware that ad-aware and spybot have trouble with.