Advicec for an old Seasonic psu


Limp Gawd
Apr 24, 2014

My current specs:

i7 2700k @ stock (no oc plans)
MSI GTX 760 (no oc plans)
mITX Msi b75ia e33
8 gb crucial ddr3 1600 mhz (no oc plans)
1 x ssd & hdd

Waiting for the Ncase M1 to arrive and the Silverstone sfx 600w to be available.

Until then i'm using a +5 years old Seasonic S12II 500w Atx with 37A.

If i may some questions:

1. My video card has 2x 8 pins (surprisingly).
Only had 6 and 6+2 from the psu
Used an adaptor 6 pini to 6+2.
Any problemes for this setup with the adaptor?

2.Is the age of the psu a problem for the i7 + 760?
I always cleaned it, don't think i used it at 100% load (e8400+8800gt then used a gtx 470)
Now in gaming like Watch Dogs, no wierd noises from it or the fan, not even heat.
I mean asking if it will do the job safely for how much time.

3.Is the Seasonic S12G 750W a good and quiet psu?
If the ss sfx 600w is bad for any reason just to have a back up - for the Ncase i need a non modular atx 140 mm psu)

Thank you.
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[H]F Junkie
Mar 18, 2010
1. No problems at all. If you look carefully, the only thing the two extra pins add is two ground pins. You still have 3 pins carrying all the +12v current.

2. No. I'm using a 5+ year old Seasonic M12D 750 watt with an i7 3820 and two GTX 580s. Your 2700k and 760 will probably max out around 350 watts.

3. If you need small PSUs, Silverstone has some nice options.