Advice for a high-end 8700 mITX build


May 13, 2013
Hello everyone

I'm coming from a 6700K + 1080, I want to go super 8700K + 1080ti with this built

Looking for advice :)

The idea is to build an uber high-end PC that can be carried in a laptop sidebag.

That case will not be compatable with an AIO cooler, I honestly can't think of an ultra-compact ITX case that is compatable with an AIO.

This is about the MAX sized cooler you will fit into that case.

De-lidding will be a benefit in temperature only, as overclocking won't be something that you will be able to do in this build.


Feb 4, 2012
As already said, RVZ01-E is probably not comparable with CLC cooler. It has a CPU clearance of 83mm. A few years ago I did a RVZ01 gaming rig using AXP-100 cooler conservatively rated 180w TDP with thin fans on GPU vents and over motherboard for a powerful while quiet compact system.


Sep 18, 2015
Too small, you're going to have to upsize a bit for this kind of build or you're going to be in throttle city all the time. The silverstone looks very starved for airflow too, not much intake venting.

I would take a look at the core V1: different shape (cube vs desktop) but still able to be pretty damn portable. Takes all normal and some larger gpus, doesn't starve the gpus for airflow either. Has much better cpu cooler options: 140mm clearance so U9S, some 120mm towers or various mid-range CLCs depending how you use the front mount. Weighs the same too apparently.