advice about how to work around some challenges in Phanteks Enthoo Pro case


May 26, 2021
I need some advice on how to easily mount both HDDs and SSDs into my new Phanteks Enthoo Pro case.

I just upgraded my rig to a Phanteks Enthoo Pro case Basically I did a "transplant" of my ASUS X570 Strix-E motherboard, GPU, 3 HDDs, 2SSDs, plus an optical drive and a multi-format memory card reader. I got this particular case because I needed space for lots of drives plus the optical drive and the card reader. Overall I'm very happy with the design and the build quality.

Install went pretty well , but the Phanteks manual is a bit light on details, so I had real challenges with installing the HDDs and the SSDs. The user manual is here:

The HDD drive mounts on p. 25 are toolless, which is good, but I had to struggle for a long time to get each of my 3 HDDs into the bracket so I could snap the "wings" closed. Those brackets are designed to work with drives that have 3 screw holes on each side. So the advice here is what is an easy way to get an HDD into the mounting bracket?

But what do you know, my WD 18 TB UltraStar doesn't have the middle screw hole. Ooops.:confused: That's on WD, not Phanteks, but I thought I should mention that.

With my SSDs, I didn't used the SSD mount bracket that comes with the case, but instead bought a 2-drive mount bracket from Phanteks. Here is the problem. There is so little space between the ends of the SSDs and a vertical bar that I couldn't plug in the data or power cables. The cables just don't bend enough, I ended up mounting the SSDs in the 3.5" drive brackets, which conveniently have screw holes to fit a 2.5" drive. So the advice here is how can what cables will work with the SSD mount brackets.



[H]F Junkie
Aug 31, 2000
what is an easy way to get an HDD into the mounting bracket?
cut off the nubbin for the (nonexistent) center hole, it looks like there is a hole for a screw to the other end hole to finish the attachment.
so you lose the quick toolessness of the original system but end up with a solid mount nontheless.

the screw could be a countersunk type that requires the hole be cut out with a countersink bit so it clears.