AdoredTV Covers the History of Intel Cheating on Benchmarks

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    Apr 17, 2000
    I have off time? hehe

    I think I found my very first review here -

    But it wasn't my first, before that I wrote a buying guide for Sharky Extreme, back when Alex himself was still there. Then before that I wrote articles for an ATI enthusiast site, rival to Rage Underground, it was called something like Lightning 3D or Lightning 128 or something, I actually can't remember exactly what it was right now, back in the late 90's. ATI Rage 3D/128 era. Then I tried my own site called Core Meltdown, even got some cards from 3DFX (grabs Voodoo3 3500 TV), that's where I first met my 3DFX contact, Kyle knows who. Yeah, been doing this business over 20 years now :eek: And I still love it.

    Thank you to you all *grabs everyone in forum and squeezes* I do this because of and for you.

    /edit, sorry, took a trip down memory lane there and got off topic, good AdoredTV video there :p

    /edit 2, hahhaha, I found my Voodoo 3 review I did in 2000 on my site lol, if you want some nostalgia -
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