Adaptec ASH1233 not compatible with older MB (MSI 6163 Pro)


Limp Gawd
Jun 4, 2004
have an Adaptec IDE Controller and I am trying to use it on an MSI 6163 mobo (Slot 1 P2/3, with latest bios). I have no problem booting with the card in place, but if there are any hard drives attached, the system wont boot past the 'Verifying DMI Pool' stage. This card states that it requires PCI 2.2 compliant ports.

How can I tell if this motherboard has those type of ports? Also I have tried every PCI port, different IRQ settings in the bios (manual, automatic) and the card does work on my other pc with an Abit KX7333R mobo. I couldn't update the ASH 1233 bios ( the flash chip is not compatible with the flash utility).

I don't mind getting a replacement card, but I want to make sure it will be compatible with the motherboard (PCI 2.2 complaint) Any ideas? Thanks.

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Jun 12, 2001
here is more info on that motherboard I believe it has PCI Busmaster slots only (I'm not quite sure what that means though)are the jumpers set right on the drives? maybe try a different cable