Acer Suffers Data Breach - 160 GB Trove Appears Online for Sale


[H]F Junkie
Dec 19, 2005
Wonder what if anything of interest really is within the trove

“Acer has been the target of a few high profile data breaches in the past few years, with one hack in 2021 recording the largest ransom price to date followed up by another smaller data breach in the same year. While this most recent hack appears to contain no personal identifying information such as customer data, there is a lot of value to be found in technical documentation and especially infrastructure data which could be used to compromise more systems in the future.”


hey for once a data breach that (seemingly) doesn't involve a bunch of people having their information that in no way should have been kept that is released to the public and "oh well, not our problem this happened, we'll pay for credit monitoring for a year have a nice day"
Acer still exists?!

I haven't seen one in years, and constantly see their old monitors in thrift stores.
I filtered Best Buy on Acer laptops, available to pick up tomorrow at the store(s) nearest me, and there are 11 options, including Chromebooks. Several models are Alder Lake.
Acer moves more Intel n4020s than anybody has a right to.