Acer Recertified - XB270HU [$386] - XB271HU [$513]


Sep 16, 2008
Acer Refurbs on sale with a 10% off promo code, 10offacer.

$386 - Acer Recertified Online Store - Buy Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Monitors and more! | Acer
$513 - Acer Recertified Online Store - Buy Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Monitors and more! | Acer

/r/buildapcsales thread:

I had placed an order for the xb270hu, but after seeing the 271 out there too, ordered that since I want the extra HDMI port so I can keep my work dock hooked up so I don't have swap cables all the time.

Now to see if they cancel the first order in time since they're closed right now.
Thank you! I've been meaning to get that XB270 for some time now. $386 w/ free shipping was impossible to pass up...hopefully the screens come in good shape.
i bought my xB270HUBPRZ refurbed from acer about 2 months ago. monitor was perfect. finally got my gtx 1080 and it is an awesome experience.
Yeah, bought the 270 as well. Fingers are crossed that it comes in good shape or back it goes.
I ordered an XB270HU first, then a few hours later, got paranoid about it being imperfect, so I ordered a XB271HU.

Also have a Dell S2716DG on the way. Two of these are getting returned. I can't justify keeping them all. I'm a little worried about the short 90 day warranty on these recertified Acers.
The dell has a 3 year +1 year from my credit card protection
Damn it. Yes, caught in spam.

Guess I just can't get this monitor as much as I try. I'd get the Dell on sale but I want IPS.

awww damn it. I didn't think to check my spam folder!

I logged into the acer site and it still says "processing". But, lo and behold, the cancellation emails were in my spam at 7am.

Stupid Acer.
Was so excited for a new monitor, checked this thread for updates, looked at my email, and cursed Acer afterwards...

I'm 110% convinced that a bunch of scummy re-sellers bought a boat load of these to sell to people at a tidy profit...