Acer Predator Z35 vs Viotek GN35LD


Sep 22, 2017
Looking to buy an ultrawide 21:9 monitor with atleast 144hz and the two that I came across with are the acer predator and viotek.



From what ive read, viotek uses samsung panels are just branding their name on these however it is freesync vs the gsync option on the acer which also goes up to 200hz. If you guys recommend any other 21:9 monitors i might not be aware about i'd be interested in seeing them as well, looking for lower input lag most importantly.
I have the monoprice zero g 35 inch 3440x1440 monitor that does 100hz stock 120hz OC in that same price range. It has been a great monitor for me. It has nearly as high as refresh rate as those but the higher resolution as 1080 vertical is nasty at those sizes. It would be worth looking into for that price range unless you must have 144hz.
Only reason i was considering it is because i play most games at 1080p on my regular monitor now and 1440p wouldn't be bad but i dont want to lag on the monoprice one at 4k resolution for higher demanding games.
2560x1080 is really not that bad at a good distance. The bigger problem for gaming is that the VA panels from AUO are slow. I believe Samsung only makes 34" panels.