Acer AL2051W - buzz/whine


Oct 2, 2007
Evening all,

I've searched around for this but haven't found anything recent...
Several years ago (~5?) I bought an Acer AL2051W new. I've been happy with it, except for the following:
1) Sometimes (about 30% of the time) after the monitor is turned off it emits a faint and extremely high pitched whine which requires me to unplug it. Some other people cannot hear noises this high.
2) The monitor emits a faint buzz/whine while operating, which is normally easily drowned out by ambient noise, especially computer fans. However, sometimes the noise level increases dramatically until it's even audible through my headphones (admittedly, they're fairly open and I listen to music fairly quietly). Certain images/screens cause this; for example, scrolling down a web page could make the noise appear or disappear. Generally, screens with lots of white seem more likely to cause problems, but many white screens don't cause problem, and the [H] forum is actually the worst offender.

Lately, #2 has gotten much worse...if this continues getting worse, the money I'm saving for a new graphics card will have to go towards a new monitor instead.

Anything to try?

Note: I contacted Acer support, and the monitor is well out of warranty; they won't replace it. No surprise there, but still worth a try.



Limp Gawd
Oct 8, 2006
Hrm, not sure about that monitor, but the other day I decided to take the dive into the 120hz spectrum, and ordered an Acer GD235HZ (on Monday). Received it Tuesday, picture looked decent etc. Then it started with this really nasty buzzing sound, and was more apparent when say, browsing dark colored web pages such as HardOCP. Needless to say, I dropped it off at the UPS store this morning to be RMA'd.