Abit 680i $100 dollar NewEgg rebate...

If you absolutely have to have SLI then this is a great deal as long as you don't mind rebates which many people do.
Wow, that's a lot of money for a board, even after rebate. I thought the $230 ones were bad without a rebate.
I have it, loved it, don't need SLI so I'm gonna sell it. But really its an awesome board, first ABIT board I have owned since the NF7-S and both of em were great :)
What warrants the $329.99 price tag? I mean, really?

At least the Striker comes with a keychain..
I have this board and all i have to say is its the best i ever owned and i dont even have sli, its the coolest looking board ever with all the lights :cool:
Been like that since launch.

Crappy bios, felt like I have been beta testing the board since launch. Retarted cooling solution. Don't expect to even get 333FSB on a quad.

Other than that they did nail some features.

Fan control on this board is PERFECT. I wish other board makers would copy it.